About Sanjay Vallabh

About Sanjay Vallabh2021-08-10T15:54:06+01:00

Do you know where to find creative trade finance options which help you and your clients grow? Do you lack the working capital capacity to innovate and differentiate?

I’m Sanjay Vallabh, Trade Finance Advisory Consultant and founder of Sanjay Vallabh Associates Ltd. These are some of the domestic and global trade transaction challenges we help SMEs & Mid Corporates, manufacturers, exporters and corporate finance advisors resolve.

We’re on a quest to demystify the dark art of trade finance for you. We help you picture the art of the possible with the right trade financing and working capital solutions. We find the missing pieces of the puzzle you need to solve.

Sanjay Vallabh

No such word as can’t

Facing massive obstacles in life, people often told me ‘you can’t’. Instead, I fearlessly found a way through. Through light bulb moments I discovered what to do. Gaining an Economics degree, I spent 15 years in the Banking sector. Becoming CITA qualified and a full member of the Institute of Export, I worked my up from Branch Manager to senior director in various international roles. I invested 8 years learning everything there was to know about complex, global trade finance. I was promoted from senior manager to Corporate Trade Director at RBS, a role I held for four years.

Clients brought us their trade finance dilemmas, baffled by the jargon and worried about the risks of trading internationally. “Trapped cash in the supply chain”, “getting paid on time when exporting” “funding new contracts or projects” and “access to bridging the gap finance” were some of the fears keeping them up at night.

Let’s find a way

I resonated with their frustrations; instead of ‘you can’t’ I told them ‘we’ll find a way!’. Valued for my sympathetic, innovative and fearless approach to resolving seemingly impossible problems for delighted clients, colleagues continually passed them to me.  ‘Here’s one for Sanjay!’ they’d say!

Achieving the art of the possible

Now operating independently as Vallabh Associates Ltd, we believe that in business and life, even the most difficult situations can be overcome. We customise your best fit solution, working with a whole range of finance providers. We are your trusted advisors. Our honest, dependable expertise helps you solve traditional trade finance problems in non-traditional ways.

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