Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots2019-02-22T12:58:56+01:00
Building trade relationships


A manufacturer in the clothing industry trading for almost 35 years was looking expand into new markets.  They engaged with several government bodies that helped with their process of understanding the opportunities but they wanted and needed something for specific for their needs whilst wanting to understand how to fund this growth phase.

Challenges Faced

Which markets to investigate fully, how to trade securely and build relationships and how to fund this expansion were all pertinent factors to consider.  There is so much information and support out there but they did not know what was relevant, workable and how to execute these opportunities.

Our Solution – Impact Management

Having engaged the client we understood their current and go forward needs and demands.  Through our extensive networks and market knowledge we were able to find the contacts of buyers in their target markets, put them in touch with the specific support agencies for those regions so that they could understand the regions trading culture and key process’s whilst having on the ground support.

The Value Created

Through our networks and expertise we could provide a tailored solution to help the company assess and exploit these opportunities whilst having support in doing so.  We also linked them the grant funding available from the government to support this and introduced the many to debt and equity funders whom could support the growth and needs of that business.  Its not just trade and working capital, we find the right solution.

Need Help?

Get in touch and we will discuss what solutions and opportunities there are that meet your needs from across the market.  We are independent and provide a whole market approach.

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