We help you finance the growth of your business

We help you finance the growth of your business2019-02-05T07:06:46+01:00

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. From masterminding the perfect proposition to taking it to market, we put in place each piece of the trade finance and working capital puzzle. We match you with the right expertise to make your plans materialise.

We make trade finance simple.

We offer 6 distinct services. We manage every aspect of the process.

1. Managing and raising working capital.

This piece of the puzzle helps you picture the art of the possible for raising funds which accelerate your business’s growth plans such as taking on a bigger contract or investing in a new market.

This involves

Addressing funding gaps and structuring the right working capital solutions which give you access to greater capital or better finance terms than you have currently.

For example, you may be a manufacturer requiring asset finance, tooling finance or project finance. It’s business critical that you offset your investment in the new machinery, equipment and technology against a healthy cash flow to support day to day operations. Our trade finance solution would offer staged payments for shipments and deposits so you can keep cash flowing through your business prior to installation of new equipment or technology or project completion.

We offer fund and grant proposal management. We support you by pulling together applications and business plans for funding needs, applications and renewal of facilities with banks, grant and support applications.

We structure the right contract and pre-shipment funding and post-shipment funding for long and short-term projects.

2. Mitigating risks of trade

We help you manage and mitigate the risks you will inevitably face when sourcing new income streams or structuring trade finance and working capital deals from suppliers, buyers and customers. There are a wide range of risks external factors which can adversely affect trade. These include economic, political, industry, quality, timing and transportation risks.

This involves

In terms of payments risks, if you are an exporter or seller, getting paid and putting in place export finance to address irregular cashflow and long payment cycles. If you are an importer or buyer, this translates into structured processes so you receive goods ordered on time and have available import finance to pay suppliers or exporters upfront.

Our practical and mutually-beneficial solutions mitigate the risks involved with trading with companies and individuals you don’t know, in markets with which you are unfamiliar.

3. Technical expertise

Joining up all the pieces of the trade finance and working capital solutions puzzle can be challenging. We take care of all the complicated trade finance instruments as well as structure the best trade finance solution for yourself or a corporate client you may be advising.

This involves

Providing advice on letters of credit, bonds and guarantees, supply chain finance, documentary collections, forfaiting, promissory notes and bills of exchange.

4. Trading successfully in uncertain times

We help you manage the risk which highly ambiguous situations, such Brexit, bring to domestic and global trading relationships. We take the noise out of trade, giving you peace of mind that you can fund a simple, workable way forward for your business or the customers you advise.

There is a new phenomenon called the 4th Industrial revolution (4IR) which is shaking up the manufacturing industry through “smarter” production methods and digital technologies. According to EEF, 2 out of 5 manufacturers are worried about how this will affect their trading position. Their 2018 survey on Brexit and the 4th Industrial Revolution reveals that many businesses don’t know how to use it to their advantage. Only 4% of manufacturers “the proactive” are role modelling the true potential for agile, innovative working, 29% are thinking about it (the toe-dippers) and 10% are doing nothing about it (the watchers). We help you make sense of 4IR so you can get involved and take action.

Source: Horobin, Charlotte, Leicester, Nov. 22, 2018

This involves

Helping you develop and implement appropriate strategies so your business creates opportunities from uncertainty, for example the impending exit of Britain from the EU.

Helping you capitalise and prosper from new export opportunities such as non-EU markets whilst also continuing to serve clients across Europe.

Helping you fund 4IR smart production methods and agile supply chains with innovative trade finance solutions.

5. International trade and finance solutions

We offer traditional and non-traditional international trade finance solutions which help you trade overseas. We help you join up the pieces into an integrated strategy which enables you to build value-add interactions and ensure everyone is aligned.

This involves

providing advice and support so you can efficiently fund the export and import requirements of the vertical supply chain.

We structure easily implemented, clear and transparent trade finance and working capital solutions and instruments as well as manage the international process.

We advise on non-traditional solutions so you can manage your supply chains. We support you in tapping into government-backed finance through government departments like UKEF (UK Export Finance), the export credit agency for the UK.

6. Strategic reviews

Trade finance is an art not a science. We help you picture how you can accelerate the growth of your business, with trade finance the enabler. If you are a corporate financial advisor or professional advisor, we add specialist corporate trade finance skills to your toolkit so you can advise clients on how to fund an ambitious international growth strategy. This gives you a competitive advantage by opening up new market opportunities.

This involves

A deep dive into your business’s strategy, followed by a strategic review of the trade finance and working solution which best fits the needs of your business or your client’s business.

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