Funding Imports

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Funding imports

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An SME importer of finished electrical goods from the Far East selling to several major blue chip retailers with both a high street and online presence.  Trading for 2 years with a great product, growth ambitions and great market opportunity.

Challenges Faced

Due to relative early stage of the venture the existing funder did not have appetite to support the need for working capital.  Invoice Finance facility covered the post invoicing stage, but suppliers needed payment prior to goods arriving.

Our Solution – Managing & Raising Working Capital & Mitigating the Risks of Trade

Due to our whole of market approach and experience in these situations we were able to understand the trade cycle and key risk areas and provide mitigation to these factors (such as quality and contractual risks) we obtained a viable import facility from a trade finance funder that paid the suppliers prior to arrival via a collection process and thus payment was made against key transactional documents confirming the required process had been undertaken.  We also sourced a Invoice Finance facility on better terms than previously held.

The Value Created

The benefit was that our customer was able to meet the orders and growth from their customer base whilst being able to fund the importation of the goods under a controlled process.  This has led to accelerated growth and the ability to fund further orders from new customers.

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