Releasing Trapped Cash

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Releasing Trapped Cash


An outsourcing service company held a long term contract with the council proving a range of services for transportation.  The contract was a re-tender and operating well.  There were further opportunities and business to be won.

Challenges Faced

Funding of the working capital to realise these opportunities was needed.  Limited asset base as it is a service company with value in the operation and skill set of the people.  Financial performance was sound and there was an appetite to source funding, however, terms were deemed restrictive and expensive.

Our Solution – Technical Expertise

Having undertaken a deep dive assessment of the business we understood that previous investment made into the business was to service the need to bond their insurance company a substantial amount of cash to cover their services.

We worked with the insurer and company to agree a solution that replaced the cash need with a trade facility whilst still providing the insurer with financial cover at no additional cost or disruption to themselves.  This solution was placed into the market and sourced at a very competitive rate and released the cash back to the business to use as growth capital.  Facility £1m

The Value Created

We supported the need to raise the capital for growth whilst finding an innovative solution that had a positive balance sheet outcome (deleveraged the balance sheet) and worked with the insurer to insure their comfort and support.

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